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Accounting Interview questions

Tips on Interview gives many advices to Accounting Professionals, the following are the sample questions Accounting Professionals need to prepare before attending for Interview.

Questing asked in Interview for Accounting professionals
1.What was the size of the company you were working for?

2.What was your Title in the company?

3.What type of environment suits you best and explain the reason?

4.What is your educational Back Ground?

5.How large was the accounting Group?

6.What product or service did your company provide or Produce?

7.Tell me a situation where you made Mistake in Accounting?

Accounting Professionals are asked many other questions based on Job Clarification. Accounting professional based on the role or position of job applied they are asked questions covering topics on Accounts Payable , Payroll, Accounts Receivable or Billing , Bank Account Reconciliation, Questing on Cost, Audit, Financial Analysis and Tax.
Below Mentioned or some of the sample interview questions for accounting professionals.

Do you prepare journal Entries?

How is the posting done manually or computerized?

What is the total dollar volume of your company Invoices?

How many invoices do you match, batch or code per week and per month?

What is your responsibility with the companies’ expense account?

How do you handle Discrepancies?

Interview Questions on Payroll

How is payroll produced? Do they produce in house or outside service?

How many people are working in the payroll department and where does your position fall in terms of hierarchy?

How many employees did you produce Payroll?

How do your company pay employees? salary or Hourly?

Did you deal with Union or nonunion Payroll?

Do you have exposure to payroll Taxes?

How does the payroll information get to the financial statements?



 Interview Questions on Accounts Receivable/ Billing

How complex was the billing process?

How many accounts do you work on per week/ month and what is the cash volume?

How frequently did your company bill your clients?

Explain collection Process of your company?

Do you have experience working with lock Box?

Do you revive Aging Reports?

Interview questions asked on Bank Account Reconciliation


 How many accounts did you have to reconcile monthly?

Were they single or multi currency?

How many cheques per average reconciliation?

What types of accounts were they?



Interview Questions on Staff Accountants


Are you responsible for the general ledger account reconciliation work?

How much General ledger analysis do you do? Are there multiple ledgers?

Do you do the bank reconciliation work?

How much review of journal entries do you perform? According to your opinion What is the most effective way of identifying errors?

What was the timing of the month end close? What is your role in the month end close?

How much involvement did you have in the preparation of monthly financial statements?

Do you supervise or train any of your company employees?

Tell me about your budgeting experience – what is the total amount of the budget for which you have responsibility?

What is your role with the outside auditors?

Tell me about your tax experience.

Tell me about some of the special projects to which you have been assigned.

Interview Questions on Audit

How long have you been involved in auditing?

hich type: internal/ external/ EDP/ government/ public/ private/ financial/ operational SOX?

Have you led a team in Audit?

Explain to me a typical audit you would perform.

What type of training did you receive?

How long was the average audit that you performed?

How much money have you saved a company with your findings?

What types of operational improvements were implemented as a result of the audit recommendations?


Interview Questions on COST


 What is your cost background? Do you handle standard, job or labour costing or all three?

Which specific cost systems can you work with?

What type of variance analysis do you perform?

What inventory analysis do you perform?

What is your responsibility as it relates to the financial statements?

How does your department work with activity based costing?

What percentage of the budget are you responsible in your company for and what is the volume?


Financial Analysis

Please explain the type of analysis you perform in your company?

What is your role with the corporate budget? What is the total volume on that budget?

What type of work do you do with the profit and loss and/or balance sheet?

How much short or long term planning have you done?

What supervisory role do you play, in your company? Explain if any?

When your auditors come to your office how do you assist the auditors?

Explain any Financial Modeling? Have you developed any type of financial Modeling?

In what way did you utilize the accounting package and what type of ad hoc reporting did you perform?

What types of special projects did you handle in your company?

What is your role or interaction with executive management?

Interview Questions on Tax


 Explain your Experience on Taxing for corporate, partnership, personal, expatriate, property, sales, payroll, estate, trust, etc

What Tax software do you Know?

Have you any exposure to bankruptcy Filing?

What certifications do you have to practice in the tax field?

Have you been involved in any type of management or tax training?







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